Thursday, 22 August 2019

POLIMERICKS from Trumpistan: Updated

For some strange reason, I started making up political limericks (hence, polimericks) in my head. Rather than go crazy, I decided to write them down. 

There once was a POTUS arrogant
Who spouted the most nonsense arrant
His mind is quite broken 
His knowledge mere token
And his brain is the size of a currant.  

This fellow called Trump is quite comical
With words he is not economical
They flow from his rump 
Like a fast-flowing dump
What a marvel he is anatomical.

God has sent us a wonderful gift
To save us all from devilish drift
He may be a rapist,
A crook, and a racist
But God knows we're not very swift.
(Thanks to Trumpgelicals for inspiring this poem)

Trump's a racist his critics declare
Trump says my supporters don't care
In fact, they quite like it
No way will I stop it
When my bigotry they all share.

There was an old fogy named Mitch
Who used government to make himself rich.
But that's not the worst
For which he'll be cursed
And called a sonofabitch.

There once was a POTUS, named Herr Trump
Who called the White House a lousy dump.
"There's no golden potty
It's driving me dotty
I guess I will just have a hump."

Trump wants to buy Greenland so I've heard 
Denmark replied, that's completely absurd
His deal thus upended
Herr Trump was offended 
And acted once more like a turd.

Polimericks, c.2020 


  1. I Have Enjoyed Much The Reading And Rationalization Of All That Is Expressed Here. I Highly Thank Those Who Have Made It Possible To Read And Comprehend In It's Entirety. The Facts Are Literally That.... The Facts. Thank You Very Much For Passing This On To Me......

  2. You are welcome! Sorry for slow reply!