Friday, 22 June 2018

St. Bride's, the London Church that Inspired the Tiered Wedding Cake.

London's St. Bride's Church on Bride Lane, just off Fleet Street, has a tower that looks like a tiered wedding cake. You might think that the cake inspired the spire, built to the design of (who else?) Sir Christopher Wren. It was apparently the other way round. The spire inspired a local baker to design a wedding cake that looked like St. Bride’s tower. The name of the church no doubt helped with the inspiration. Spire, spire, please inspire.

Although the current version of St. Bride's, like many London churches, was built after the Great Fire of 1666, a church has been here since Anglo-Saxon times, possibly earlier. Part of a Roman street can be found in its crypt, along with a history of the church and the area around it. St. Bride’s was once known as the printers’ church. The church contains a memorial to Wynken de Worde, the first man to set up a printing press on Fleet St. Many other printers followed. After Fleet Street became synonymous with the newspaper press, St. Bride's  became known as the journalists' church. The interior was largely destroyed by enemy bombing during the Blitz, but has been restored. Today the church contains a memorial to journalists killed in the line of duty, many quite recently. it is well worth a visit.

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