Wednesday, 10 July 2019

POLIMERICKS from Brexitstan: Updated

For some strange reason, I started making up political limericks (hence, polimericks) in my head. They wouldn't go away, so I had to write them down. The poetic cognoscenti may sneer at my efforts, but I hope you will enjoy these. God knows, we need a laugh.

There once was a PM lack a day
Who said, Parliament's in my way.
He had a cunning plan
And didn't give a damn
UK must now plan for doomsday.

There once was a Theresa named May
Who said, Brexit's the work of a day.
The EU will give up
As soon as I gear up.
Now she's feeling a sense of Dis-May.

There once was a Scotsman name Haggis
Who said, this Brexit is going to shag us.
I voted Remainer
Now I'm a Complainer.
Out of Europe England has drug us.

There once was a Boris named Johnson

Who said, Brexit will by me be won. 
I'm your greatest PM,
A wonderful gem
Such a damned brilliant son of a gun.

There was a young man from the City*
Who said, life was formerly pretty.
I once was a banker
I'm now just a wanker.
Brexit has made everything shitty. 

Polimericks, c. 2019-21

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