Thursday, 3 December 2015

Art of the First World War: The Nash Brothers

The brothers John and Paul Nash were two of the major British artist-soldiers of World War I, renowned for their surrealistic yet realistic portrayals of the battlefields of the Western front. Here are some of their works:

Paul Nash, "We Are Making a New World" 1918

Paul Nash, "The Ypres Salient at Night" 1918

Paul Nash, "Wire" c. 1918

Paul Nash, "Spring in the Trenches, 1917" -- a less than ideal spring.

John Nash, "Over the Top, 1917" This painting commemorates an attack by the Artists' Rifles, in which most of the men, writers, painters, musicians, were killed or wounded.

John Nash, "Oppy Wood," 1917, showing the destruction of the landscape by artillery barrages.

Photo of Oppy Wood.

Paul Nash, "The Menin Road, 1917"

Photo of the Menin Road.

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