Thursday, 30 July 2015

Getting Away from Covid: Head to The Middle of Nowhere, Nevada

Want to get away from people who may infect you with coronavirus? Looking for a romantic, exotic holiday in the Middle of Nowhere? Drive, or better yet, walk across Nevada, preferably along US Highway 50, the road that LIFE magazine in 1986 dubbed "the Loneliest Road in America."

If the Middle of Nowhere exists, I think it is somewhere on this road between Ely in the east and Virginia City in the west of the state. I decided the Middle of Nowhere must be at Austin, the town closest to the geographic center of the state, population, 192. But it does have an International Hotel. Austin's great claim to fame is that Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear gang once did a show from there. And amazingly, they didn't get kicked out of town.

Austin is truly isolated, 70 miles from Eureka to the East and 110 from Fallon (Top Gun Town) to the west, with little but sagebrush, jack rabbits, and lizards in between. 

Another candidate for Middle of Nowhere might be Middlegate Station, population 18, oops, 17.

Middlegate is too small to have a Wikipedia entry, but it does have a restaurant offering humongous hamburgers. My son Alastair tried to finish one. He managed to walk across the US, but failed this test. Had he finished the burger, he could have won a Middlegate Station t-shirt.

Middlegate claims to be the Middle of Nowhere (see photo above hamburger). I think it is too close to Fallon, however, a bustling metropolis of 8000 or so, to be the true Middle of Nowhere. 

To complicate matters, I later discovered that another town to the north, on I-80, Battle Mountain, claims, on a huge billboard, that it is “Halfway to Everywhere.” As advertisements never lie, especially in America, I guess that must be the Middle of Nowhere. 

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