Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Be a Word Master!

You want your writing to be as effective as it can be. You want your point to be clear to your audience. You want to present a cogent, convincing argument. You are eager to communicate your ideas. I can help you. The arts of communication have been my business for more than thirty years as a professor of history; author of numerous publications; editor and reviewer of all sorts of writing: books, articles, manuscripts, and student and colleague papers. I have provided editing, consulting, research, and/or reviewing services for publishers, journals, individual scholars, filmmakers, organizations and societies. Clients have included Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, University of South Carolina Press, Smithsonian Institution, National Library of Medicine, South Carolina ETV, Penn State University Press, Waring Library Society at the Medical University of South Carolina, and many others.

Research and Consulting: I will do basic or detailed historical research and provide bibliographies if needed. I can provide anything from brief notes to extensive information about the subject.

Manuscript Assessment and Critique: I will provide general or detailed suggestions for improvements in style, language, and structure.

Proofreading: I will check your manuscript for grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors.

Public speaking: I can provide lectures on many historical topics, especially on medical and British history.

If you are interested in employing my services, please email a short description of your project to and I will give you an estimate of costs.

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