Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Suffragette and Anti-Suffragette Posters

(This blog post was inspired by the film "Suffragette," but I decided to send it out again after the election of Donald Trump, which will likely set the cause of gender equality back a century.)

On seeing the film, I recalled an exhibition of suffragette and anti-suffragette posters I'd seen many years ago, and decided to find some and share them with you, dear readers.

The first one refers to an act passed in 1913 allowing the authorities to release jailed suffragettes who went on hunger strikes, then rearrest them after they fattened up, until they completed their sentence. The Liberals were in power at the time, and the suffragettes of the WSPU (The UK Women's Social and Political Union) made the most of the law's conflict with proclaimed Liberal values. The failure of this act made the concession of women's suffrage in the UK almost inevitable. 

This poster emphasizes the fact that women were classed with convicts and the mentally incompetent in having no access to the vote.

The next poster stresses the handicap women labored under without access to the vote.

Poster highlighting the horrors of force feeding of hunger strikers. The outcry over this strategy led to the Cat and Mouse Act.

Ads for the Suffragette newsletter, edited by one of the daughters 
of leader Emmeline Pankhurst.

The opponents of women suffrage produced many posters as well. Here are a few. Sorry, they are offensive.

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